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About PNW Co-op:

Sun-dried freshness, from our farms to your table

When it comes to lentils and garbanzo beans, freshness matters. Because the fresher your dried legumes are, the better they'll taste and the quicker they'll cook.

We invite you to think of our legumes as dried, fresh produce, because that's exactly what they are. Naturally dried in the warm Palouse sunshine, our lentils, garbanzo beans and green peas are harvested in the late summer and shipped to area stores and restaurants within just a few months.

Why does that matter? Because with other dried lentils or garbanzo beans, you never really know how old they are. They might sit in storage bins for years before making it to your favorite store.

PNW Co-op Specialty Foods are guaranteed fresh. We print the harvest date on every bag of legumes, so you'll know when they left our family farms and were bagged for your order.

Knowing how fresh your food is shouldn't be a mystery. With our legumes, you never have to guess. Now let's get cooking!

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