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PNW Co-op Crop Rotation Boosts Soil Health

July 10, 2019
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PNW Co-op Crop Rotation Boosts Soil Health

PNW Co-op's Family Farms are Rooted in Regenerative Agriculture

The microorganisms and earthworms that keep soil healthy prefer a diverse diet. That's why our farmers grow a variety of crops. The mustard featured in the photo is being grown on one of our family farms in Lewiston, ID. The Mighty Mustard produces natural chemicals that make it spicy and serve as a natural herbicide that reduces weeds. The mustard roots also penetrate deep into the soil, recycling essential nutrients like nitrogen, and reducing water and soil erosion. An added bonus: Bees, butterflies and ladybugs love the blossoms.

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Photo courtesy of PNW Co-op agronomist Kaitlin Calvert.


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