About PNW Co-op:

Real Food with Local Roots

When you buy PNW Co-op Specialty Foods, you’re supporting family farms that are committed to growing healthy food. Pure and simple.  

All of our legumes are grown on third and fourth-generation farms right around Pullman, WA and Moscow, Idaho. Nestled among the rolling hills of the Palouse, our farms were homesteaded in the early 1900s. Although farming equipment has changed, our commitment to nurturing the soil has remained the same. As Jim Hermann, our Farmer Ambassador says, “Every day is Earth day.”


A small company with one big goal

PNW Co-op Specialty Foods are grown by a family of farmers known as Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, or PNW Co-op.
Together our families share one goal: Connect people to our farms and the healthy food we grow. To learn more, please visit our farms

PNW Co-op: One member, one vote

Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, or PNW Co-op, is a family of farms. It started over 100 years ago, when farmers hauled their grain with horse-pulled wagons to a single silo. Today, PNW Co-op is comprised of 750 members and 350 active farms that ship grains and legumes all over the world. Each member receives one vote. The co-op’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine active grower-members and one independent non-voting outside business consultant. Watch this video to learn more.

Providing Quality Assurance from the Ground Up

At PNW Co-op, we hold our products to the highest standards. To ensure a high level of quality, PNW Co-op carries the following certifications from independent, third-party auditors: Kosher Certified, Farmed Smart Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. We're also PrimusGFS Certified, ensuring that our production processes and food safety programs meet the strict standards set forth by independent and internationally-recognized PrimusGFS auditors. Copies of the certificates are available upon request.

Not your grandma's legumes

We’re on a mission to get people excited about our unique legumes. Why? Because life’s too short to eat unhealthy, boring food. Our lentils and chickpeas aren't the bland versions your grandma used to cook. PNW Co-op's gourmet legumes are bursting with color, flavor and freshness. Their journey starts on our family farms in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We want you to know who grows your food and how it’s grown, with transparency from farm to table. From our families to yours, thank you for choosing PNW Co-op Specialty Foods.

Healthy, local foods for all

We believe everyone should have access to healthy, affordable local foods. So we’re passionate about supporting the following missions: 

  • Make cooking simple & delicious
  • Increase scratch-cooking in schools
  • Connect schools with local producers through the “Farm to School” program
  • Educate shoppers about the importance of supporting local family farms
  • Share information about our sustainable farming methods
  • Increase food access by supporting non-profit partners 
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At PNW Co-op, we're passionate about putting healthier foods on your table. Learn how we do it.

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